Who Else Wants My Private Videos And Thoughts About Training Dogs? 
Plus Ivan Balabanov's New 20 Page Special Report That Will Rock The Dog Training World Before He Releases It To The Public... 

From:  Matt Welch

If you are here it's because I have invited you.

Let me start by being brutally honest.  

I am NOT going to show you and tell you EVERYTHING I do.

That would be a breach of trust to Ivan Balabanov who has trusted me with so much of his life work.


But I can and will give you things I do not share publicly and you won't find anywhere else.  

And understand this:  I will be trying seriously hard to get you to take Ivan's full course.  

So, in exchange for me letting you selectively look over my shoulder as I train some SERIOUS dogs... every now and then you have to listen to me tell you why you should take Ivan's revolutionary course.  

It's for your own good.

Taking the full course is the ONLY way you will get the full picture and really learn the right way.

I am aware there are trainers out there attempting to teach Ivan's stuff.

None of these cheap knock-offs know what they are doing.

Most are just repeating things they heard Ivan say... or think he said... and have never actually applied these concepts to numbers of real dogs much less become a master.


I will be sending stuff as I come up with it.


Some weeks that might be every day... others not so much.

But you understand I will be emailing you quite frequently.

If you do not want that... this is not for you.  

But, if you want to see me train and help dogs and talk about dogs... this will be perfect for you.  

So follow the instructions below and get started.  

If you don't follow the instructions, you won't get anything.

And nobody wants that to happen.  

One more thing.  If you didn't already know, I have a hell of a personality.  

It's been described as nails running down a chalk board.

I think that's a little over the top.

I've also been told my negativity can make Tony Robbins cry.  

That I agree with.

They don't call me the crazy old dog recluse for nothing.

You will get to see the much less filtered me.


Facebook jail keeps me in check.

You have been warned.  

Enter at your own risk...

Get All The Dog Training Stuff 

I Think You Will Love

Enter your name and best email.

Check the boxes that applies to you:  You took Ivan's certification course, took his mini-course, have the cornerstone collection or neither.  Neither means none of the above.   

Then everyone must check the "Opt in to receive everything from me" box. 

Then hit the red "Send Me Everything" button.

You will be immediately sent an email with the subject, "Matt Welch confirmation email."

Open that email and click the green button that says, "confirm your email to get everything from Matt Welch."

As soon as you do that, I will immediately send you an important email (With Ivan's 20 page special report!!!)  


This is a pain, but there are spam laws. 

I will start sending you information and videos about the dogs I am training that I do not share publicly.


If you do not check the opt in box, click the green box in the confirmation email and reply "got it" to the email I send you will not get anything. 



If you do not see the email check your spam folder.

I'm going to send great stuff.  

And maybe make you laugh.

P.S.  And you get Ivan Balabanov's new special 20 page report before he releases it to the public!!!  I've read it 4 times already.  This stuff is unique.

Matt Welch Is The ONLY Dog Trainer In South Florida Certified By 2X IGP World Champion Ivan Balabanov

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