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Real Obedience And A Happy, Confident Dog

Through The Magic Of This Game...

Now You Can Be Among The Tiny Handful Of Dog Owners Who Has That Well Trained (and happy!) Dog You've Always Dreamed About...

Proven, Reliable Dog Training That Always Maintains The Dignity Of The Dog

From the desk of Matt Welch

Boca Raton, Florida

I don't know how you got here.

Most are referred by a dog owner I've helped.

Or maybe you saw one of my Facebook posts or Youtube Videos.

It's completely possibly you saw me walking a pack of 8 or 9 dogs around Boca Raton.  I stick out in Boca.  I've been called the crazy dog guy more than once. LOL

How you got here is not important.

What you want for your dog is.

So let me ask you this...

How would it feel to be able to walk your dog without all the pulling and lunging at other dogs and people?

What if you could have people over your house without your dog going bonkers and jumping all over them?

Wouldn't it be nice if your dog actually listened to you and could be off leash without fear of him/her taking off or doing something crazy?

Well, now you can...

Who Am I And Why Should You Trust Me With Your Dog?

Good question.

My name is Matt Welch and I have been working with dogs my entire life.

Especially the most difficult cases others refuse to deal with.

Dogs that were deemed "untrainable" and scheduled to be put to sleep.

My house is filled with dogs that were extremely dog aggressive... and I was told could never be around dogs.

Some were also human aggressive.

They all live in perfect harmony.

They play with each other and my neighbors.

Is this possible with all dogs?


And anyone who tells you they can "fix" or "cure" EVERY dog is a liar.

But they will take your money.

I'm honest.

And I can help so many dogs others have failed with.

And I will prove it

But I will NOT exaggerate and guarantee results with EVERY dog.

That is unethical.

I will do an evaluation and give you an HONEST opinion.

If your dog is aggressive... I will tell you what can be done.


And if your dog is not aggressive... AWESOME!

Things will be much easier.

Getting a dog to walk nicely on a leash, come when called, do basic obedience commands etc. etc. etc. is not a problem.

And... with most dogs... can be accomplished pretty quickly.

But You Must Know This

Getting a dog to do behaviors is one thing.

Getting a dog to do behaviors with the right attitude is something else.

My mentor and 2X world champion... Ivan Balabanov... stresses over and over how the proper attitude comes first.

If you do not have the proper attitude... if the dog is not confident and happy... that must be fixed first.

Which is why most of the training we do is based on play.

This can be challenging because so many dogs come to me several years old and have never been played with... or played with correctly. 

When you get a puppy... contact someone who knows this stuff and will teach you how to teach your puppy to play the right games. 

These games will build them up and make them confident... and give you the best tool to train behaviors and obedience.

Training with food is very different than with play. That's a story for another day.

These games are not like any other games your have seen.  They were invented and developed by Ivan Balabanov and are very unique to his training and extremely powerful.

Real Obedience And A Happy, Confident Dog

The end result is a dog that is extremely obedient yet happy and confident at the same time.

This a very unique result that cannot be achieved any other way.


Check out these videos then call for an evaluation.

I look forward from hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals with your dog.

A quick heads up...

I'm extremely busy and usually booked well in advance.  If you would like to get started, I recommend contacting me as soon as possible so you don't have to wait too long.  

And if this is an emergency... call right now and I will do everything I can to help you ASAP.

P.S.  I initially learned basic dog training from my father who learned some little known techniques from a Native American mentor he had named Parks.  My father also worked with seeing-eye dogs.

I got into dog aggression in the early 1990's specializing in dog aggressive pit bulls.

My dog training journey has lead me to currently study with Kayce Cover and Ivan Balabanov.

Kayce Cover is a world-class exotic animal trainer who started training marine mammals at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 1973 and ran the training at the National Zoo for 25 years.  She is credited for inventing the intermediate bridge and revolutionary behavior modification techniques:  Conditioned Relaxation and Perception Modification.


These techniques often get amazing results with fear, aggression, reactivity and other behavior issues.

Ivan Balabanov is originally from Bulgaria and is arguably the best dog trainer in the world.  He is 15x national and 2x world IPO champion.  He specializes in personal protection Belgian Malinois.  I have spent countless hours learning from him over the last few years... and it has lead to mind blowing results.  

I have been extremely lucky to find and study with the best in the world.

These are not TV or internet celebrity dog trainers.  

They are the real deal.

I can't thank them enough for helping me help so many dogs... and their owners :)

Here are links to both Kayce and Ivan's websites.  You can ask them about me :)

Ivan Balabanov:

Kayce Cover:

One more thing... it's important:

Quick question...

Have you tried other dog trainers and not gotten the results you were looking for... or no results at all?

Maybe your dog is loaded up on medications in an attempt to control anxiety and other problem behaviors.

Don't worry... a good percentage of the dogs I have had great success with had been to one... or even several other trainers... without results.

Many of the dogs you see in the videos below were turned down by trainers... and... some said they should be put to sleep.

If you are serious... and want help... call now.

Now for some videos...

Used To Pull On Leash And Go Crazy When Saw Dogs...

Focus Heeling With "Untrainable" Rescue Pit Bull...

Golden Doodle Obedience In Public...

Protection Work With Belgian Malinois...

Dog Aggressive Dogs Playing Off Leash...

Formerly Human Aggressive Dog Playing...

Misunderstood Rescue Pit Bull Thought To Be Aggressive...

Here Are My Basic Packages

All Dogs Will be Evaluated And Training Will Be Designed To Meet The Individual Needs Of Your Dog

*All Dogs Must Be House Broken*

Advanced Obedience, Reactivity & Aggression 

6 week program



  • This program is for dogs with behavior issues such as:
  • Leash reactivity to other dogs or people.  Lunging, Barking etc.
  • Aggression to other dogs or people
  • It is also for advanced obedience and if you want your dog OFF LEASH.
  • All dogs live with me and are not left at a facility.  They are part of my family.
Basic Obedience

3 Week Program



  • This will give your dog the basics for "easy" dogs.
  • Walking nicely on a leash
  • Basic commands:  Sit, down, come when called and go to a "place" or create.
  • Basic manners like:  not jumping people or counters, waiting for food, not running out the front door etc.
  • All dogs live with me and are not left at a facility.  They are part of my family.

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